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ABOUT realtechcorner.com :


This site is actually a blog site which provide all the needed information about technological trends all around the world. Some technology & concept are even explained in depth. We also provide many tutorials. Our moto is to explain complex things in a simple manner because through simple explanation only we can spread awareness about rapidly changing technology around the world. This site contains almost everything related to technology from review to news , from technology explanation to future technology prediction almost everything. Our blog is written in such a manner that even a person who is having just basic knowledge of technology can simply understand everything written by us.

We also provide online support to our valuable visitors through comment section , emails & even some time on phone because we believe that our visitors should never stay in doubt. Even a single doubt can lead a person into big troubles. Seriously our visitor support is great you should give it a try. Very few blogs provide readers support.

We at realtechcorner.com  believe in quality post. We provide few post but post contents are fabulous. Our site quantity is less but quality is great. A lot of research is done on a topic then the editing works is carried on with great precision trying to provide genuine information. As we try to only provide genuine information only then too sometime it may be possible some misleading information is published by mistake so you can mention it to us we will soon verify it & make necessary correction because we believe that nobody is perfect. All post on this site are upto the quality content that you can trust.

This BLOG was started on 30/11/2017 by AMARTYA KUMAR SINGH in ANKLESHWAR,INDIA.


I am an engineering student pursuing Btech in Electronics & Communication from CHARUSAT university in ANAND, GUJARAT. I had completed my schooling from SVEM school in ANKLESHWAR, GUJARAT.  I was born in BEGUSARAI, BIHAR. Overall in short I am a proud INDIAN.

amartya singh

I love to share information related to technology. One day I came to know about blogging in 2014. So from 2015 I started giving a try to blogging. For just a trial purpose i made a blog named phoneix.blogspot.com it was a blog on phoneix rx 50 air pistol & honestly it was just a rubbish website today whenever I think about that blog I began to laugh. That blog was having just one post. Total visitors on that blog was around 56. So my first blog was a total flop. Then after some days again in 2015 ending I launched a new blog named as optimusyouthfeed.blogspot.com that blog contain all positive news regarding youth. This blog was having 8 post total visitors were just around 200 in three months so that is a clear failure. Then again after 3 months I launched my third blog named as globalinfoceans.blogspot.com that blog was not category specified it contained information related to engineering courses it was having around 25 post with just 600 visitors in 5 months. So that blog too failed.

Starting of realtechcorner.com :

After this much hard work & failure I thought that this is because I am using a subdomain under the main domain of blogspot.com which is provided by blogger for free. So now I purchased a domain named as realtechcorner.com for around 900 ₹/year in APRIL,2017 but I continued to use BLOGGER as my blogging platform after purchasing a domain also no growth was seen in my blog. Then I did lot of research on blogging & came to know that BLOGGER is the worst platform for blogging career as it is free & no more support is provided by google. So now it was the time in NOVEMBER,2017 I shifted my domain realtechcorner.com to a hosting service known as host soch based in india & started using wordpress instead of blogger. Hosting a domain cost me around 2000 ₹ / year.  So after spending around 3000₹/year.  I got a nice platform for blogging. Now lets see how much blog grows on these platforms with your support. Now I hope that realtechcorner.com should come in the list of successful domains.

As I told you earlier that i am a student. So I have to give some time to my studies also so I post very few post but contents are unmatchable.

Thank you for showing interest in us have a great day.