Beginners guide to access DARK WEB.

I hope you will learn many things from the journey of the DARK WEB. This blog is for informative purpose only. Users who are going to follow below mentioned steps may be vulnerable to disturbing elements in the society. So if you are not willing to take risk you can leave now. Follow all the instructions at your own risk. This can put you in any kind of legal trouble. So be smart & don’t click the links you are not knowing about. Clicking unknown links can lead you to disturbing sites of the dark web.

Before reading this make sure you have already visited my previous post link given below:

DEEP WEB & DARK WEB – The hidden internet & What is TOR browser ?

Here I am trying to list out the things that dark web contain & had been visited by me just for information.  I personally never made any kind of use from these websites:

  • get counterfeit currency of any country
  • get duplicate passport & ID proofs of any country
  • high quality duplicate documents for any country
  • illegal weapons trading
  • human traficking
  • flesh trading
  • illegal marketing of human organs
  • drugs market
  • poison market
  • child pornography
  • certain types of banned porn
  • animal abusing video
  • online escort services
  • pay & watch live tortures done to human
  • many sites provide services to manage your black money
  • convert your black money to bit coins
  • get hacked credit & debit card from all around the world
  • pay & assassinate someone you don’t like to see alive
  • get electronics products in exchange of bitcoins
  • convert your bitcoins in form of fluid money in your paypal account
  • hacked paypal accounts
  • hardware required for certain types of hacking
  • software required for hacking
  • you can also hire hackers
  • you can buy someone’s already registered domain by paying higher prices from here
  • you can get many types of top secret or classified information about almost anything by paying here.
  • you can also buy all the leaked data from big online service provider

There are many more things that you can do using dark web. It is very hard to list all of them here .Due to this type of content using dark web is illegal.


To use any of the services mentioned above you will have to pay in the form of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for secure anonymous encrypted payments which are not traceable. To know more about cryptocurrency & bitcoin click on the link given below:

All you need to know about BITCOIN.

Steps to follow to access DARK WEB:

Now you know the contents of dark web if you still want to visit it you can read this post further. Let’s start.

  1. First of all you will need to install mozilla firefox because TOR extension works only with mozilla firefox as it is a linux based browser. So if you don’t have mozilla firefox I am providing you the link from where you can download. CLICK THE GIVEN LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT   .
  2. After installing mozilla firefox. Now you need to download & install TOR. CLICK THE GIVEN LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT.   I think the readers who are reading this blog need no step by step guide to install these basic software.
  3. Icon of TOR browser may be similar to that of mozilla firefox & possibly its name is also firefox. While you open your newly installed TOR browser it will show some type of green loading bar wait for a while then you will land to home page. As google is there for surface web surfing there is a search engine called as DuckDuck Go for the dark web surfing. You can carry out your usual dark net surfing from there.
  4. But to access dark sites of dark net you will need specified urls to visit that sites you can’t only search it trough search engines. Dark net is usually invitation based system. You will be contacted & after their satisfaction they will send their specified url to you through any medium in some cases they will also provide user id & password if required to access those urls.

Temporary arrangements to access DARK WEB:

  1. But don’t get upset I will provide a link of LINK DIRECTORY that will provide link to many sites of the dark net. It is the Wikipedia of the dark net. Don’t click this link here copy it to the URL bar of the TOR browser then search it. It will not work on your current browser. Copy this link   http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion/wiki/index.php/Main_Page  to your URL bar of TOR browser.
  2. It is the directory of various sites available on the dark net. You can use these for a time till you start getting invitations from various community & sites. Remember for using dark net make a separate email id & also preferable to keep a separate mobile number. If you are actively participating in dark net you will recieve many invitations with all details from various sites within a week offering their dark services.

These were just the beginner guide to enter the world of dark net.More & more you start using dark net the deeper you will go.

Bonus information on accessing DARK WEB:

You may have noticed in dark net every domain is .onion  based instead of .com, .in, .net, .org these are the extension for surface web. In dark net .onion is popularly used. .onion can be only accessed using TOR browser. We should only use dark net through TOR browser only because it bounces your address from several places so it make you untraceable it also protects your mac address from getting recorded. So by using TOR browser you can use dark net anonymously. Though certain types of precautions are need to be taken to keep your privacy that you should know.

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