DEEP WEB & DARK WEB – The hidden internet & What is TOR browser ?

Today in this blog we are going to talk about hidden internet.

The internet is divided in three sections:


dark web



You all may be knowing about surface web. Surface web is the layer of internet that we use in our day to day life such as you tube, Facebook, google, Instagram, booking tickets, etc. One ordinary person needs only surface web to carry out all their tasks. In fact the blog you are reading now is also a part of surface web. Surface web is that part of the web which can be accessed by anyone from anyplace without special permission. Almost all the information of surface web can be accessed through google search engine. All the website links that are listed by google while you search for something are the part of surface web. All news, entertainment, torrents sites are the part of surface web only.

Surface web contributes only approximately 5 % of total internet. Now you must be amazed that even though you spent all your life using internet then too you are aware only about 5 % of the internet. Then what is the remaining 95 % that you are still unaware of ? That 95% of unknown internet is called deep web.


Deep web contains all the information that users store in cloud i.e google drive, Dropbox , etc. Even the research information stored by universities & government body on internet is stored on deep web. The secret information about big brands, government projects all such things are stored in deep web. In short the things that can never be googled out or visited without special permission given are a part of deep web. If you want to access deep web then you should know the exact url from the server & with it you will also require to have special permission to access it. Without these things you can never access the deep web because it is not indexed by any search engine like google, bing or yahoo. All these information are securely hidden. Deep web is used when I want to share a information that can be accessed worldwide from anywhere but still only the authenticated person can reach the information.


Dark Web is also a part of deep web only but just existing there for negative purpose only. Basically on dark net you can do anything. Anything means anything. Dark net is used to carryout illegal online business of drugs, arms & ammunition, human trafficking, flesh trading, hacking hardware & software, exchange of top secret information and many more things. Many government security & intelligence services have their eye on dark web nowadays.

Dark web also can’t be accessed by search engine as it is also not indexed on search engines. Dark web is like a curse to the internet. If you want to access the dark web you will need a special browser i.e the onion router or it is also known as the TOR browser. TOR browser is the only way through which a ordinary person can reach dark web.

All types of black marketing & some time even sex rackets are found to be controlled from the the dark web only. Even when the popular sites or services are hacked all the stolen information are sold on dark web only.

All services & stuffs are bought by using bitcoins or any other type of cryptocurrency because by using this no record of transaction is left with any authority. To know more about bitcoins & cryptocurrency visit the links provided below:

All you need to know about BITCOIN.

TOR BROWSER (browser for dark net):




You can even visit all the blocked sites of internet on dark web using TOR browser. You can access the dark web using TOR browser because it bounces your address from many places in the world to reach the final destination. From destination also whichever information is dispatched for you will come to you by bouncing from many address around the world. Due to this much of address bouncing done to send & receive data there is almost no back trace left to trace the user later. So it is almost safe for carrying out all the illegal activities. TOR browser usually bounces your VPN address by using various VPN available at different places in the world. TOR also protects you by making your MAC address untraceable. TOR is a community of many users. It is symbiosis type of community in which your computer is used to bounce address of other users & your address is bounced on others computer system.

TOR is actually not a browser it is a special type of extension that works with MOZILLA FIREFOX. TOR has chosen MOZILLA FIREFOX because it is developed on Linux and we all know what level of security & privacy Linux provides.

TOR browser was invented for US NAVY but nowadays due to the huge TOR web created by TOR community member it is successfully used to access dark web. Due to all this it had become very difficult for the government to stop dark web. In many parts of the world government successfully blocked many activities on the dark web. But yes still dark web exist there is long way to go to completely block all the activities on the dark web.

You can visit link provided below to know how to access dark web:

Beginners guide to access DARK WEB.



dark net


This blog was just for informational purpose only.I personally request all my readers never to use dark net.

You might have noticed above on certain topics I am not providing sufficient information because providing deep information on illegal practice & hacking tutorials  is against google policy.So I had to keep many restrictions in mind while writing this blog or my blog will be banned for providing such information.

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