Difference between HDD & SSD explained

For most of you if you are reading this post then you are most probably planning to buy a storage device or a new computer system. I assure the readers of both categories will clear their doubt after reading this post. So let’s begin .

What is HDD ?


It is a typical storage device commonly used in all portable hard disk & computer system. These devices are easily available now. These disk are very cheap if compared to SSD of same storage capacity. In HDD you can even buy a 8 TB hard disk. You can find it easily anywhere. HDD is basically a mechanical based electronics device because it have lots of moving part inside. There is read/write head on a stick which writes or reads the information from the layers of platters in disk. Platters are the small cd/dvd like structure. This structure is quite similar to the gramophone players disc reader. This whole structure is packed in a case which is then called HDD.

As you have seen above HDD is a mechanical device & have lot of moving part inside so it also suffer from wear&tear with the passage of time. HDD is also venerable to the shocks it may receive while falling from somewhere. So a bit of care is needed to be taken while storing in HDD. HDD lifespan on average is about 5-6 years further it depend on uses. So if due to any of the reason occurs yours HDD will get corrupted & it will become hard to recover data from HDD but it will not be impossible to recover data just consult a technician he will recover it.

difference between ssd & hdd

What is SSD ?


SSD is not a mechanical device. It is purely a electronic device. As read & write process in SSD is done through passing electrical signal at certain frequency of certain intensity to read & write data from storage cells. SSD make use of FLASH memory concept which is commonly used in memory card & memory sticks (pendrives). FLASH memory is also used in RAM of computer systems while RAM stores data temporarily SSD stores data permanently till you erase it.

To know about RAM click on the link provided below:

What is RAM ? DDR2 ,DDR3, DDR4 explained.

SSD don’t even make little noise as HDD do because it don’t have any moving part.  SSD of very large storage capacity is not available now till now because it is a new technology used in HARD DRIVES. But soon it will be available. SSD are a lot costlier than the HDD & they are hardly available in the market.

SSD provide lightning fast performance in reading & writing data because everything is based on electric signals. So SSD is more reliable it does not get corrupted easily. You may have already used pendrives & memory cards & knowing how reliable they are. Data is almost safe if it is stored in SSD. MICROSOFT SURFACE series laptop are only available with SSD thus they provide very low storage capacity compared to other laptops in market. So The SURFACE series laptops are performance based.

SSD  provides quality of data storage while HDD provide quantity of data storage.

What is SSHD ?


SSHD is combination of SSD & HDD. Now a days you may have seen most of the premium series laptop comes with both SSD & HDD this is known as SSHD. It is best solution to the storage of computer system. As operating system & much more important files can be stored in SSD for performance & data security while the remaining data can be stored on HDD as it provide larger storage capacity. Installing operating system on SSD gives smother experience & much more faster boot up speed. So the best option is to go with comination of SSD & HDD i.e SSHD.

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