Do android phones need ANTIVIRUS & which is best ?

Today in this post we will discuss that do we really need to install antivirus apps in our android phone. Explanation will be also provided if you need antivirus then why & even if you don’t need antivirus then why ? So let’s begin.

How virus works ?

Virus can be any executable type of file. Type of executable file are .dat, .bat, .exe , .apk & many other types of script file. When virus breaches in your system then the command written in that to carry out a specific kind of task is executed. Thus causing damage to your system or compromising your privacy.

Do we need ANTIVIRUS in android ? & Why ?

As we know windows contain many types of executable files like script, dat, exe, bat there are many more & they all are accessible to user.

But in android there is only one type of executable file .apk which can be only executed when you give permission to install it. Android contains many type of executable file to run system but they all are hidden & protected in root. A user don’t have permission to access root files by default in android. So all those executable files are safe there. User only have to manage .apk files. .apk files are nothing but your apps so always install apps from playstore only or if you have trust in any third party apps then only install it.

Secondly android operating system is developed on Linux kernel & no need to tell about level of security provided by Linux kernel. So these kernel makes your android device super safe. Also regular security patches are provided by google. Even if you are not getting security patches then too you can consider yourself safe because android is developed in such a manner that it can’t be breached. Just the people who are not getting security patches are recommended to use trusted networks only & they will be safe.

anti virus on android

There may be some issues with browser in windows & android as they run many types of plugins, extension & scripts. Browser performs in the same manner on both platform. So it is recommended to use trusted browser like CHROME, OPERA, FIREFOX & don’t add third party extension, plugins or scripts to the browser. Then you will be safe. I know many of you are using UC BROWSER but is is one of the worst browser in terms of security & privacy so sad news for many of you.

So from the above explanation you may have reached the conclusion that you don’t need antivirus for an android phone if your phone is not rooted & you are installing apps from trusted sources.

Note for LEGENDS :

Here I refer word legends to the people who have rooted their android device for silly or almost no reason. It is recommended on a serious note that you should never root your device. If you root your device then your device is just like an open locker anybody can enter or exit your system files & carry out their objectives. As I have mentioned earlier that all executable file are protected in root of a android device & if you breach your device root then it can cause huge damage.

So by reading this don’t just unroot your device. Never ever unroot your phone after rooting it because if a virus had already entered your root then it will be there only & you will be not able to remove it.

Protocol for the people who are using rooted android to make device safe again :

First go to the official site of your device & download STOCK ROM for your device steps will be provided there how to flash STOCK ROM inside your device. After flashing this new STOCK ROM in your device you can unroot your phone & now you are safe,

anti virus

So what do ANTIVIRUS do in your android :

Time pass , Yes antivirus in android is useless. There are many rubbish function provided by android antivirus like boosting ram, cleaning cache, increasing internal memory, cooling cpu, battery saver & they are all useless service. They also don’t work they just show you some process on screen & they don’t carry out any function they are just manipulating you.

I have seen many stupids installing 3-4 antivirus in one device thinking that they all will protect their device. But instead of making device secure they make device more laggy. As we all know that antivirus software always run to collect data in background thus they consume more RAM. They also put more load on CPU for no reason. Antivirus also consumes a lot of battery. If you have multiple antivirus on your system then they may crash your system or definitely make your system inefficient.

To know about antivirus on windows click on the link given below :

Do windows device need ANTIVIRUS & which is best ?

Which ANTIVIRUS is best ?

So now I think there is no need to answer this question as all antivirus is just rubbish for android device. No antivirus can protect your device only your presence of mind will keep you & your device safe.

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