How to dual boot WINDOWS 10 with UBUNTU ?

Today we will see how to dual boot windows 10 with Ubuntu. Just follow the simple steps to dual boot your PC.

If you stuck in between at some step then you can take some help of  article given below because many of the steps will be similar in both cases & each step is explained in more detail in this post:

How to dual boot WINDOWS 10 with KALI LINUX ?

Step 1:

Download & install WIN32DISKIMAGER from the link provided below:

Step 2:

Download UBUNTU disc image file from the link provided below:

Step 3:

Insert your pendrive & format it.

Step 4:

Now open WIN32DISKIMAGER and write UBUNTU disc image file to your pendrive.

Step 5:

Now in the search bar type disk partition & open CREATE & FORMAT DISK.

Now right click on any partitions & click on properties.

In properties click on  TOOLS tab. Then click on OPTIMIZE.

A new screen will come. Select drive & click on OPTIMIZE.

After clicking on OPTIMIZE it will take many pass to optimize your drive. Carry out this process for all drives one by one. Don’t OPTIMIZE your RECOVERY or BACKUP drive.

Once you have OPTIMIZED all your drive. Close the OPTIMIZE DRIVES app & return to DISK MANAGEMENT app.Now you can carry out your disk partition here.

If you are not able to partition your C drive or not able to use DISK MANAGEMENT app then you can download & run MINI TOOL PARTITION WIZARD link is provided below :

By using this app you can easily manage your disk partition. After doing partition don’t forget to click on APPLY in the top left corner.

After this you can close this app. In some cases it may require restart so simply allow it to restart your PC. It will take lot of time during restart process your screen may look like this.

Step 6:

Now read carefully. Most difficult part of the installation came now. I will not able to help you here a lot because these steps differ for each type of hardware but I will tell what you should do.


Switch off your PC.


While again turning it on keep pressing the key through which you can go to boot settings.

In my laptop I had to press f 10 during boot to load boot settings. But It differ from device to device. So find it for your device on your own. But you can also give a try to f 10 it may works.


After you landed on boot settings.

Disable SECURE BOOT if its enabled. Also CLEAR ALL SECURE BOOT KEYS. Enable USB BOOT.

If you are not able to find any of the setting. Don’t panic you may not be having those setting its fine it depend from device to device. But try hard if those setting are available do it otherwise you will not able to carry out further process. Don’t forget to SAVE & EXIT your setting.

Now boot from your pendrive. Now booting up from pendrive process also differ from device to device.

Step 7:

Now after booting up from pendrive. Every thing will be a guided tour. Just don’t forget to select install Ubuntu alongside with windows. If you select any other option your windows will be deleted. So carefully select this option.

You can enjoy both UBUNTU & WINDOWS side by side. But continue to read it as there is bonus for you at end.

If You are not able to get menu to select between UBUNTU & WINDOWS & directly booted in windows. Then don’t worry. It’s OK. Just SHUTDOWN your PC. Now while booting up again continue to press ESC key. Then it will show below type of screen or somewhat different. Here select BOOT DEVICE OPTIONS.

Now select the partition from which you want to boot. If you will select windows boot manager then you will directly boot in to windows. Select Ubuntu partition to boot into Ubuntu.

Now you should always remember to press ESC key at the time of booting.

Special Note:

There will be many wireless connectivity issue while using Ubuntu. If there is no connectivity issue then you are lucky. Ubuntu do not support many of the wifi & bluetooth chipset drivers. I myself not able to connect my WIFI & bluetooth. If you are not having working wifi & bluetooth on kali then you will not able to use many of the features.

There are many misleading solution are available on the internet in which they just stimulate your wifi virtually but you will not able to use it & after restarting it again stops working. You can find a genuine solution for your chipset on internet if it works then it is your luck.

I myself not able to find any permanent solution for my wifi chipset RTL8723DE. If anyone finds a solution for this please contact me.


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