iPhone 8 opinion

Finally after all those leaks & rumors iPhone 8 / 8+ & iPhone X has been launched. No one was expecting launch of iPhone X it was just a surprise that apple launched two series at a time. This has happened for the first time in iPhone history. Apple launched iPhone X on the 10th anniversary of iPhone series.

To know about iPhone X click on the link given below:

iPhone X opinion

All the rumors & leak that we are getting about iPhone 8 is actually launched as iPhone X & there was almost no leak regarding launch of actual iPhone 8/8 +.

Specifications of iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 by apple

Specifications of iPhone 8+ :



iPhone 8 & iPhone 8+ are quiet similar device. The difference between these two device lies in camera, battery & screen size. iPhone 8+ have dual camera while 8 have only one camera. The new thing which apple bought here is all glass design where back of the phone is covered with toughened glass. It also supports wireless charging.

My Opinion on iPhone 8/8+ :

In my opinion iPhone 8 should have been launched in the label series of iPhone 7. There was no need to launch it as iPhone 8. It is having just minor improvement over iPhone 7. Apple should have only launched iPhone X.

To know about PIXEL 2 click on the link given below:

PIXEL 2 opinion

iPhone 8 will not see more demand as most of the existing iPhone 7 user will not upgrade to this similar device. They all will wait for iPhone X. In fact existing non apple user will also not show that much interest in iPhone 8. iPhone 8 is a just typical iPhone.In short, iPhone 8 is too boring to attract customers.

There is going to be tough competition between iPhone 8/8+, iPhone X, NOTE 8, PIXEL 2. In my opinion in these phones iPhone 8/8+ is the dumbest phone. iPhone X is going to see a crazy huge demand because this is the real iPhone that we have been waiting for a year.

To know about Galaxy NOTE 8 click on the link given below:

NOTE 8 opinion

Let’s see if Apple will launch iPhone 9 or skip it.

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