iPhone X opinion

Finally most awaited phone of the year iPhone X (pronounced as iPhone 10) had been launched. Preorders had began from 27 October 2017 & shipping to start from 3 November. It is launched with iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 plus. iPhone X is announced on the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iPhone series.

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It will be having huge demand compared to iPhone 8 because it is having a major advancement against iPhone 7 & iPhone 8. iPhone 8 didn’t make any vast improvement on iPhone 7. There is almost no need to upgrade from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 they are quiet similar thing. So most of the customers are looking for iPhone X. There is very less demand of iPhone 8.

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There will be huge demand of iPhone X making it difficult for Apple to supply the demand at right time. Actually Apple should only have launched iPhone X there was no need to launch iPhone 8. They should have launched iPhone 8 as in the series label of  iPhone 7 model. Let’s see the specifications of iPhone X.

iPhone X, APPLE


iPhone X specifications

It’s looking great on paper. I think it will also be great in reality as other previously launched iPhone. As you have seen the display it is almost bezel less display. On the upper side as you can see there is notch between display. It contains all the required hardware for FACE ID, proximity sensor, camera & speaker. 


Major attraction in this model is FACE ID. This is not a new thing previously also many software were available which can perform these task but they were not secure. So Apple had took it to another level. This time they are using some specialized hardware for FACE ID. They also have AI i.e. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE based software for this purpose only which can learn from daily use. Apple is so confident about this FACE ID that they had completely removed finger print sensor. According to apple FACE ID can recognize your face in any kind of position & lighting. They also said that it can even recognize if you are wearing a hat,googles or having a beard no matter it will recognize your face.


face id

AR concept :

Another attraction here is AR (AUGMENTED REALITY) in the camera. Previously we have seen this feature in sony xperia series. But this is quiet better than that.You can place animated object in real world & experience on screen with the help of this AR based software. As always camera will be having major improvement & it will be one of the best camera till now.

Other features:

Apple had bought all new kind of emoji this time. These emoji can gain expression from user and apply those expressions in the emoji. It’s really a fun.

This time iPhone X do not contain any home screen button. Every thing is just gesture based. Removal of home button provided extra space for display & a true bezel less design. iPhone X is having all glass design similar to iPhone 8 i.e it’s back is also having glass. This phone also support wireless charging. As usual this time also iPhone X is not having 3.5 mm audio jack & memory card slot.

There is great support from Siri to run this machine effectively at your voice.

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This time there will be tough competition in market among iPhone 8/8+, iPhone X, NOTE 8 & finally google PIXEL 2. Let’s see who will conquer this time. According to me it will be iPhone X only due to the crazy fan following & some really interesting new feature.

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