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Finally one of the most awaited phones SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 has been launched after all those rumors & leaks. Now the flagship grade race has begun. It will be fun watching this time who will be the king this time.

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After what NOTE 7 has suffered previously due to battery this time Samsung has taken great care about that in NOTE 8. A lot of testing was done on battery to make it safe for consumer. Previously SAMSUNG has suffered great brand image loss due to NOTE 7 so this is the last chance for Samsung to regain its brand image in flagship grade phone. If this time Samsung fails then it will no more be a player in flagship grade.

Specifications of Galaxy NOTE 8 :

galaxy note 8

On paper its looking great & I think it will be great in real life also as Samsung must had putted all his effort up to the mark for NOTE 8.

This time device is great in look with a huge edge to edge display what Samsung call as a INFINITY DISPLAY & believe me its really a great display. The NOTE series PEN is now replaced by SPEN which is quiet better than previous one. The tip of the SPEN is now narrower & its holding chamber is below the screen. You can do many task with this SPEN it’s really very useful in day to day life.

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This phone is having great potential it can really help Samsung to overcome losses suffered by NOTE 7.

While using this phone I found that finger print sensor was awkwardly placed. It was quiet difficult to reach fingerprint sensor at natural use. It’s OK for someone with bigger hands. But as we know there is also an option available called as iris scanner which can be used instead of finger print sensor. So it can’t be counted as a major con in this device.

galaxy note 8

As usual camera is outstanding. It’s a dual camera device. As NOTE series camera had never disappointed us. It also have Samsung personal assistant support i.e BIXBY. They also had provided a button on side to launch BIXBY & get help from it.As its an android device so you also get GOOGLE ASSISTANT as your personal assistant. So you can have two assistant at same time in same device that will really a fun while using it. 

My Opinion on BIXBY :

In my opinion Samsung shouldn’t focus on BIXBY as the king of personal assistant will be always GOOGLE ASSISTANT due to huge database available to it from google. I know GOOGLE ASSISTANT is not able to efficiently control in device apps & operations locally but i think it will be improved soon. There is no need of BIXBY kind of thing in these device. These are my personal opinion.What you think about this let me know in the comment section. I also think that there should be universally a single assistant which will be common on all device whether its a google, samsung or apple device.

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In short this device is nothing-less. It’s great device. There is almost no con noticeable here till now. We just hope that this time nothing goes wrong with battery. These were my personal opinion. 

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