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At last after NOTE 8, iPhone 8/8+, iPhone X the final competitor PIXEL 2 / 2 XL has been launched by google to compete with these devices in the race of flagship grade phones of 2017.Lets see who will win the race. PIXEL 2 series is also a great competitor here.

To know about iPhone X click on the link given below:

iPhone X opinion

Specifications of PIXEL 2 :


Specifications of PIXEL 2 XL :

A message from us to GOOGLE :

As we have seen earlier that the smartphones launched by google performs well in the market but its record in terms of sell is still quiet low then samsung & apple. There is no problem with the device they made. The devices made by them are superior in quality but they lack in marketing of all the devices they made. GOOGLE don’t maintain proper marketing and supply chain all over the world. GOOGLE needs serious improvement in this field.


Coming Back To PIXEL 2:

Now let’s talk about this device. It comes with stock android OREO & google promises to provide further 3 years latest android OS system update to this device. As it runs on stock android so as soon as any latest android OS is officially launched by google it will immediately receive it as update. This is the best point in PIXEL series phone that all android users love. This is the best phone for those who are great fans of stock android phones like me. I also love stock android devices very much.

To know about NOTE 8 click on the link given below:

NOTE 8 opinion

Google has launched PIXEL 2 & PIXEL 2 XL both of these  devices are quiet similar. XL is having larger & better screen & battery. XL is only available in 2 colors. 

While in the race of dual camera google dared to come with single camera. But it is the best camera of 2017. There is no need of dual camera set up on this device. Really it’s camera is better than iPhone 8 / 8+ / X & NOTE 8. This is the camera that you haven’t seen before in any smartphone till now.It is just outstanding. Pictures & video taken from this camera is of superior quality. It had got no competition in terms of camera.

pixel 2 by google

Here you also get personal assistance from GOOGLE ASSISTANT. GOOGLE ASSISTANT works best on this device only. It is fully functional on this device. GOOGLE had come with traditional finger print scanner there is no IRIS SCANNER or FACE ID unlocker its there in the place traditionally.

My Opinion on PIXEL 2:

The device works great there is no issue with device. Build up quality is great too. I hope this time GOOGLE will do proper marketing for this device. So that device can be sold to it’s full potential. I personally love this phone very much. For personal use I am going to buy this device only for this year.

To know about iPhone 8 click on the link given below:

iPhone 8 opinion

With the launch of this device all the awaiting flagship grade phones are there in the market. Let’s see which device will be chosen by the customer this year.


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