How to restore permanently deleted file ?

So let’s see now how to recover permanently deleted file. Just stop using computer & cancel every downloading process if any as soon as possible because the more you use your pc after deleting a file the chance to restore it will become more less.

I had made a file in G drive and then deleted it from there & recycle bin. So let’s see how to restore it.

Step 1:

Download recuva from the link given below :

After downloading it Install it.

Step 2:

Run recuva. Your home screen will be like the picture shown below. Click on next.

You can select other option if you know the details of the file. Here I am choosing ALL FILES because assume that I don’t remember anything about that file.

Now specify the drive where it was stored. If you deleted that file from recycle bin then select recycle bin.

data recovery

Now click on NEXT.

data recovery

Your file will be shown select it & click on recover.



Now browse it to other drive. Do not browse it to the drive where it was previously there it give sometimes error. Click on OK & then click on RECOVER.


Close the popup & this app.

data recovery

See the file has recovered.

data recovery

You may now also want to know that how this app really work for this click on the link given below:

How deleted data recovery apps work ?

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