What are CORES in a processor/CPU ?

You may have heard many times about cores in a processor while buying any device like computer or mobile. You may have heard about single core, dual core, quad core, hexa core, octa core processor.Now there is also rumors of deca core processor. Here I will explain about core in a simple way that is not too technical.

CORES of PROCESSOR explained with real life examples:

Assume your processor as a office room & the person sitting on desk in the the room as a core. If a single person is sitting on a desk in room it will represent single core processor.  Now assume that 2 persons are sitting on two desk in that room only then it can be called as dual core processor. Now as you can see two person are sitting in a single room so they can process their work more faster than compared to a room with single person because in room with two persons parallel work is done. Same way in dual core processor parallel computing can be done so dual core processor is more efficient than single core processor. In the same manner if it is a quad core processor then it can perform more efficiently.

It may be possible that every person in that room specialize in certain types of different task respectively. In the same manner different cores of the processor can be optimized to carry out different types of task. So every core of processor specialize in processing certain types of process. Like in a dual core processor mostly one core is dedicated to processing of graphics and other core is dedicated to carry out other computing calculations. Similarly quad core can be also tuned to carry out different types of work respectively.


Integrated graphics are also a type of core inside processor :

You may have heard about intel integrated graphics i.e intel graphics 520 or intel graphics 620. But in real they are not actually graphics card. Integrated graphics are just a core provided in the processor to just process the calculation required for graphics. These integrated graphics don’t have their own memory the make use of ram to process graphical information. While external graphics card have their own graphics processing unit & their own independent RAM.

Hyper-Threading of a processor:

If cores of processor are hyper-threaded perfectly then processor performance can be further optimized. Nowadays HYPER-THREADED MULTI CORE processor are widely used. This type of processor performance is great. This concept is adopted by almost all the leading manufacturer of processor.

To know about hyper threading click on the link given below:


Is more number of CORE always better ?

It is not always like that processor with more number of cores will perform well. Performance of a processor depend on many factor. Usually smartphones need processor with more number of cores while computers need less number of cores. The optimum number of cores depend on us. The kind of work we are going to do decides the type of processor perfect for us. A processor with certain number of cores may suite working style of a person but it may be possible that it may not be suitable for other user style.

Usually computers need more powerful but less number of cores while smartphone needs weaker core but more number of cores.

So now I think you have understood the concept of multi core processor.

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