What is BINNING ?

BINNING is verb form of word BIN. As word BIN is related to word trash. This means we are doing doing some type of trashing. So why we need to trash something you might be thinking. Below are the some examples given to understand what really  BINNING means.

BINNING in processors:

Suppose a brand makes a processor of 8 cores,4 cores & 2 cores. Suppose that now they are working on a 8 core processor & due to some unwanted reasons during fabrication its 2 cores are not working properly as per the standard requirement of that brand. Now that company will not throw this processor & they can not even launch this defective processor as its standard 8 core processor. As it is not meeting the minimum requirements laid by the brand. So the company takes the middle part & as the 6 cores of this processor is working properly so they will further disable the 2 fully functioning cores & those 2 malfunctioning cores to make it a 4 core processor i.e a quad core processor & they will again tune it according to the standards of the quad core processors of that brand. After testing it properly that brand will launch this malfunctioning octacore processor as a healthy quadcore processor. This whole practice adopted by different processor making brands to increase their efficiency & reduce the loss.

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BINNING in storage device:

Now same as the above example If a brand makes a hard disk of 500 GB & 1 TB. Suppose that now that company is working on 1 TB hard disk & due to some mistake during manufacturing process its 150 GB storage capacity got corrupted. But rest of the 850 GB is still working properly. Then that brand will disable that 150 GB corrupted & further it will also disable 350 GB of working memory to make it a 500 GB hard disk. After that they will make minor adjustment to this hard disk & then they will test it as 500 GB hard disk. If it’s 500 GB storing capacity is working properly as per the minimum requirement laid by the manufacturer then this 1 TB malfunctioning hard disk will be sold as fully functional 500 GB hard disk. This concept is also known as BINNING.


Is BINNING is a malpractice ?

BINNING is not a malpractice done by brand because they are not cheating on us. There is no problem in buying binned stocks.  In fact company use to sell their binned stocks with regular stock only because that is completely legal. They are taking cost of only fully functioning enabled part of the device from you. Their is no harm in using binned products. In fact even now you may be using a binned hardware without being aware of it.

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