What is E-Sim ?

We all know about sim cards but have you ever heard about E-SIM. It is a new concept by device manufacturers & mobile networks company. From name only you can get a overall rough idea about this concept. E-SIM concept become trending one more time after apple launched its new smart watch this year that is based on E-SIM. In this smart watch you don’t require to connect your watch with smartphone to carry task. The watch itself is capable of doing many task as it will have its own E-SIM. You can even make make call & connect to internet without connecting it to a smartphone. It is not the first time that any device in the market had come with E-SIM previously many Samsung smart watches were also coming with this facility. E-SIM is not a new concept. It had just became a trending topic in tech world today.


generation of sim cards


E-SIM is a wonderful concept but it is not use widely. E-SIM concept has been adopted by very few mobile operator companies in very few parts of the world it is still on trial basis. With the adoption of E-SIM technology sim card specialized hardware will be removed from the device thus providing extra space to introduce something new in the device or make device more thinner or smaller. As we all know sim cards do not store many information it just store network operators encrypted keys to connect with their networks & it can store few contacts in it. So it’s not very difficult to remove traditional sim cards & replace it within a very small section (almost negligible) in phone memory itself with very small supporting hardware chip. With the introduction of E-SIM it will become very easy to swap between two mobile operator.

Everything that is necessary for getting E-SIM can be done online & you will be able to use new operators networks within 5-10 minutes. You don’t have to worry about storing your sim card & remember it where you have kept it. Storing a sim card take lot of care to prevent it from getting starched. Even sometimes our sim card slot face many problems. Sim card slots are one of the most problematic hardware in the present devices.

Our Views On E-Sim :

E-SIM should have been adopted at the time of introduction to 3G services at that time we were also having this technology to make use of E-SIM but I am not able to understand why they are not making use of E-SIM. I know it is little difficult to adjust with changes as E-SIM will be introduced there will be many rumors regarding this concept there will panic between customers and mobile operators. There needs correct coordination between mobile makers & mobile operators. They both should also have great coordination with market of that time. Then only concept of E-SIMS can be successfully implemented.

In my personal opinion 5G should come with service of E-SIM worldwide. Device for 5G usage should be designed with the concept of E-SIM. Whole 5G network should be establish on the concept of E-SIM.

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