In the word HYPER-THREADING Word “HYPER” is just added to represent word “MORE”. Now comes the word “THREADING”. “THREADING” is taken from the words “THREADS”. THREADS are the smallest (unit) chain of data that is processed at once by the core of a processor.


Usually only one thread is present at any time in the cores of the processor. By default any core of the processor have only one channel to take input & give output. Each core of the processor will have its own unique channel through which it process threads. By using HYPER-THREADING you can make two channels in a single core therefore it gives you the ability to pass two threads at a time through a core. HYPER-THREADING is now done to all the processor by the manufacturer only. Now you don’t have any need to manually over ride the default HYPER-THREADING. Now new software also make use of HYPER-THREADING efficiently.

To know about cores of a processor click on the link provided below:

What are CORES in a processor/CPU ?


It was before  4-5 years when we have to do HYPER-THREADING manually. But it made no sense to HYPER-THREAD the processor in those days because the software were not designed to make use of that technology. Previously if you have done manual HYPER-THREADING then they were sometimes get crashed. It also sometime cause physical damage to the cores. But now there is no need to worry if you are using by default HYPER-THREADED processor.

HYPER-THREADING was originally a marketing term used by intel for showcasing that how they make optimum use of processors by multi threading channeling techniques. In this technique intel use to pass multiple threads simultaneously through a processor so processor can work more efficiently by remaining less idle. This technique was great. Later AMD also make use of this technique with other name.

hyper threading


HYPER-THREADING has made processor more efficient now they remain idle for less time as continuously multiple threads are passed through them at any instant thus putting more load on them but today’s processor are capable of holding that load. 

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