What is RAM ? DDR2 ,DDR3, DDR4 explained.


You must be already knowing that RAM is a temporary storage device. If power is switched off then the data stored in RAM is lost. So let us discuss it in more detail.

RAM explained with a example :

Suppose you are working in a office. You are sitting in your cabin on a desk. All your files are stored in the other cabin. Now if you want to complete your work first you will bring all the files from the cabin to your desk. Then you can start working on desk. Suppose you need more file to carry out that task then first you will have to remove some file from desk to make some space for new files needed then you will again go back to file storage cabin & keep these files back to their places & bring new files that are required to the desk. Thus if you have larger desk then then you can bring more files that are required at once.

So in the above scenario put yourself as a processor, put desk as a RAM, put file storage cabin as a hard drive(main memory). Now I think you must have clearly understood the relation between RAM-PROCESSOR & RAM-HARD DRIVE. Now you maybe having a clear idea about function of RAM.

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More about RAM:

RAM make use of flash memory which is quiet faster than the hard drive. As RAM uses electrical signal to read & write data & it also don’t have any moving part so it is quiet faster. No storage device can match the speed of RAM. Due to these characteristic of RAM it cost much more to manufacture a RAM compared to any other storage device. RAM used in computing system are of very low capacity as compared to main memory. But RAM is a temporary storage device it requires less memory only it don’t need to be that much big as we have seen in the real life example files on desk get replaced by more important file from time to time.

random access memory, ddr3, ddr4, ddr2

Role of RAM in computation :

You must be knowing that whenever you install a app or a game they are basically stored in main memory i.e. hard drive. But whenever you run a app or game it is automatically transferred to RAM. It is transferred to RAM because RAM will provide super fast speed compared to hard drive. So app or game will be executed at its best.

So if you open multiple applications or game at a time they all are transferred to the RAM & if then it may have reached to the storage capacity. So now if you are opening more software then it will take it to the RAM by removing previously least used software from RAM. So after some time if you again open that removed software then it will again take some time to get loaded in RAM then you will notice that software is taking time to execute.

So we usually say that more RAM is better because then you can run multiple software at a time.

How much RAM is needed ?

Nowadays at least 4 GB RAM is basically needed for your smartphone for the optimum performance as most of the apps have increased in size with time & they are continuously increasing. In the same way we need at least 8 GB RAM in computers to carry out day to day task smoothly. The other reason we have to go on increasing RAM is that the processing power of a processor is also increasing. The more data stored there in RAM less idle time will be given to the processor thus it will provide optimum performance.

random access memory

So its not actually that you go on increasing RAM. Optimum amount of RAM should be provided to processor. Optimum amount of RAM for a processor varies from processor – processor. Suppose you provided more RAM to a processor then too processor will process at its limited capacity only so extra RAM makes no sense & it increases the cost. Suppose you provided less RAM then the processor will remain idle for most of the time & it will continue to consume electricity. So optimum pair of RAM & processor should be installed in a computing system.

I recommend to buy some more capacity of RAM as per your need because app size goes on increasing day by day. You can easily upgrade RAM in computers but it is not possible to upgrade RAM in mobile.

MYTH Busted:

Some readers here are having misconceptions that by rooting & installing some special software they can convert some part of main memory to RAM. But think logically as we have discussed earlier RAM have very high speed because its hardware is also designed in that manner. So how can speed of a hard drive can match with RAM it makes no sense. There are some software that says that they can use external storage as RAM all that kind of thing is completely rubbish.

Types of RAM:

Let me tell you that all RAM with same memory capacity are not same. Performance of a RAM do not just depend on storage capacity but it also depends on the frequency. Frequency of a RAM decide the type of RAM it will be. You should always buy a RAM with high frequency. Frequency of RAM & processor can be also termed as clock speed. It is generally used with unit like GHz for processor & MHz for RAM.



You may be wondering that what are DDR 3 & DDR 4 RAM that are installed in your computing system. So let me tell you that there are 3 types of RAM nowadays available:

  1. DDR 2
  2. DDR 3
  3. DDR 4

There is also DDR 1 RAM but no need to discuss about that its a history now. Now DDR 2 was previously used. I hope that no one uses it today. DDR 3 & DDR 4 are widely available type of RAM in the market nowadays they are mostly used by us. Here DD stands for DOUBLE DATA.

random access memory, ddr 3, ddr4

If I go on explaining the difference between DDR 2,3,4 then the post will be too long & complicated to understand. So here we will discuss it in a simple way. There is no doubt that DDR 4 is better than all the RAM & DDR 3 is better than DDR 2.

RAMs of mobile phone:

In smartphones you may have heard the term LPDDR. So basically LP stands for low powered RAM. As smart phone needs less power then too most of the flag ship grade high end smartphone contains DDR only to provide better performance compared to LPDDR.

As we know transistor size & power consumption is becoming less day by day & their speed also go on increasing. So in the later generation of RAM more transistor can be fitted in less space it will consume less power & provide higher speed & also provide higher storage capacity.

What are channels in RAM ?

Channels are not a part of the RAM but they are the way RAM is being setup in motherboard. There is usually four types of channel practice:


TRI & QUAD CHANNEL is not being used widely there were many complexity arising in using TRI & QUAD CHANNEL. SINGLE & DUAL CHANNEL is widely used practice. Channels are basically the slots for installing RAM on motherboard. You can install a single 8 GB RAM or 2 RAMS of 4 GB each on motherboard if 2 CHANNELS are provided on the motherboard.

channels of random access memory

So if you ask me which is the best type of channel to install a RAM ?

In my personal opinion you should always go with DUAL CHANNEL RAM. Reason for this I will explain in a simple way. Suppose that you are having 1000 ltr one tank & 500 ltr each 2 tanks now you are asked to empty these tanks then that 500 X 2 tank will be emptied faster than the 1000 X 1 tank because two different outlets are available to the 500 X 2 tanks. So this same concept can be compared to the preference of 2X RAM over single RAM. Even if your any one RAM out of two RAM is physically damaged or malfunctioning then too you can boot your computer & carry out your task as usual & later get it changed. Yes you can boot with 1 RAM also in a dual channel you heard it right.

So in short you should go with latest generation of RAM & install it using DUAL CHANNEL technology it will take the best work from the systems.

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