Do windows device need ANTIVIRUS & which is best ?

Today in this post we will discuss that do we really need any antivirus in windows computer ? We will also see which antivirus is best for our device ? Each answer will be explained here in detail. So lets begin 🙂

How virus works ?

Virus can be any executable type of file. Type of executable file are .dat, .bat, .exe , .apk & many other types of script file. When virus breaches in your system then the command written in that to carry out a specific kind of task is executed. Thus causing damage to your system or compromising your privacy.

Do we need ANTIVIRUS in windows? & Why ?

As we know windows contain many types of executable files like script, dat, exe, bat there are many more & they all are accessible to user as a administrator. As all files are accessible & not protected so yes we need antivirus unlike any android device. So any virus attack can access all your system files & other personal data & carry out their objectives easily.

To know about antivirus on android click on the link given below :

Do android phones need ANTIVIRUS & which is best ?

Which antivirus is best for windows ?

If you are using genuine windows 8 or 10 then you don’t need any antivirus. Just check that you have enabled firewall & windows defender. If these things are enabled & regularly updated then no antivirus is needed. You are safe. You should also uninstall the preinstalled antivirus like McAfee mostly as it sometime crashes with defender and cause many type of malfunction in the system.

To know about firewall click on the link given below:

What is FIREWALL ?

For legends 😉

If you are using any older version of window or a pirated windows then you will definitely need a third party antivirus. Let me tell you that free antivirus are even sometime more worse than virus itself. So if you are considering yourself a thug in tech world by using pirated, cracked or free software then you are wrong because here real thug is the company which is letting you to use these software. They collect valuable data from your system. The updates you are getting in free, pirated,or cracked are not actual update they just use your system to carry out different experiment with their beta version programs. Even through update a company can crash your system as they come to know about this.

anti virus

So never ever update a free,cracked or a pirated software as it may do great damage. If you don’t update your antivirus then its definitions for identifying malware will not be updated. You need to always keep your antivirus updated because virus creators always use latest ways & they constantly change property of malware.

So I suggest to pay for trusted third party antivirus like QUICK HEAL,  McAfee, KASPER SKY, NORTON as they all are old players &  having huge collection of virus definition & great experience in this field. All of them are good. The best option is to purchase genuine windows to get great security without any third party apps.



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